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Karen's Organizing Classes

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OrganizingWORKS! for Homes Class

Course Description: This class is geared more for home organizing. Let's face it we all could use some help getting organized. But with this economy - maybe you don't have a budget to bring someone in to help. Come learn how to stop drowning in all that paperwork? Do you have too much mail to sort through? Not sure how long to keep your tax documents and other important paperwork? Come to my class. I can give you secrets on getting organized. We will be discussing big projects such as cleaning out a garage or basement, home downsizing and moving. We will also discuss everyday ways to help reduce the clutter, and other issues that keep us from maintaining our organized systems.

Come learn from an expert.

Why? Because OrganizingWORKS!

OrganizingWORKS! for Homes classes TBA:
Karen is not teaching classes right now while she plans her future curriculum.

Improving your Office Efficiency Class

Course Description: This class is geared for helping people in their office. Feeling little overwhelmed at work? Can't seem to stay ahead of all your deadlines? Clutter fills your office or cube? Tried to stay organized, but just can't keep up? Maybe you put fires out all day, leaving you little time to get your job done. Come to my class. I will enlighten you with some new ways to get ahead of the clutter and all those deadlines. Class topics: time management, filings systems and tickler systems, arranging your desk to be more streamlined, get rid of evil "in-baskets" that makes it impossible to find anything. Improving your office life could make you happier in your personal life. In this economy where jobs are scarce, becoming more efficient at work is key.

Come learn from an expert.

Why ? Because OrganizingWORKS!

Improving your Office Efficiency classes TBA:
Karen is not teaching classes right now while she plans her future curriculum.


Upcoming Events for 2014:

Come chat with Karen, schedule an organizing appointment, or buy her "The Organizing Cheerleader" DVD ( Karen is accepting cash, check, and credit/debit card via PayPal.

  • To Be Announced This Spring

Karen may be coming to a city near you soon. She has provided organizing help in greater Boston area communities including Bedford, Brookline, Lexington, Concord, Acton, Winchester, Woburn, Carlisle, Westford, Cambridge, Belmont, Andover, Reading, Stoneham, Arlington, Chelmsford, Littleton, Harvard, Rowley, Georgetown, Groveland, Conway, Needham and Peabody.